my first post

after reading hundreds of blogs over the past 2 years, i finally decided to start my own. i guess i was always worried that no one would read my blog and that since i already spend a large part of each day talking to myself, i didn’t really need to start doing that online too. but then i decided that it didn’t really matter, and so here i am. the name of the blog is basically a description of where i’m from: holland and egypt (biologically) and zambia (everything else). i grew up in lusaka zambia, and although i left it 5 years ago, still miss and crave it constantly. i’ve lived in cairo for the past 4 years, finishing my BA, and this year i am planning on moving to holland. my relationship with cairo is pretty dynamic and can be described as a love-hate relationship, but more on that later. as to whether i feel more dutch, egyptian or zambian, i still don’t know, and probably will never have an answer to that question. however, if i had to describe myself as from somewhere, i would say africa without hesitation.

anyway, that’s all for now
much love


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