Okay so I just realized how hard Ramadan is going to be here in Holland. Right now Fajr is at 3:30 am, and Maghrib is at 10:00 pm. I checked the times for last year in Ramadan and they were 2:30 am for Fajr and 9:30 pm for Maghrib…that’s 19 hours! Yeah it won’t be hot and everything but still…that’s a loooong time!

Last year in Cairo during Ramadan it was from 4:00 am till 6:00 pm…but then again it was really hot. I guess it’s better to have a longer period that’s cold than a shorter one that’s hot, since thirst is a lot worse than hunger.

Inshallah it won’t be too bad!

Hopefully I’ll find a mosque I can go to. In Cairo most women don’t go to the mosque to pray so I didn’t experience it in Cairo, but I loved praying all prayers at the mosque in Madinah and Makkah, so I’m going to try do that here too.


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