Practicing Islam

As I was getting ready to move to Holland a few weeks ago, I began thinking about how my relationship with God/Islam would change, or if it would change at all. Would it be more difficult to be a Muslim in a non-Muslim country? What would Dutch Muslims be like? Would I have a more distant relationship with God, or would it become closer?

Now I can see that it’s neither easier nor harder. Not because Holland is the ideal place to be a Muslim, but because Egypt wasn’t the easiest place to be a Muslim in either. In Egypt you get judged by other Muslims – constantly. In Holland you get judged by non-Muslims – sometimes. Which is worse? Muslims judging you, when they know it is wrong to judge and when they know that everyone has their own PRIVATE relationship with God, or non-Muslims judging you, who just haven’t made the effort to understand Islam better? Hmm, I’d say option number 1.

One thing I do miss though is hearing the adhaan. I knew I’d really miss that. I think the next time I hear it I’m going to cry or something. Another thing I miss is having lots of fellow Muslims to talk to about Islam, something that makes me feel a lot closer to God.

I feel like my connection to God has gotten slightly less closer, simply because I’m not surrounded by Muslims here and because there aren’t reminders everywhere, like mosques, the adhaan, or Qur’ans. However I think by reading the Qur’an more often and thinking about God more, I can make the connection even stronger, inshallah. I hope I’ll be able to meet Muslims here soon, I’m sure that’ll help, and it should also make Ramadan better. I remember the connection being strongest during Umrah, because your life literally changes to revolve around God. Now that was amazing, but sadly not practical in the long-term.

How do you feel – do you think it would be easier to be a Muslim in a non-Muslim country, or in a Muslim one?


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