10 Honest Things

I’m kind of late in doing this so I can’t remember who exactly tagged me (aside from lovely Nadia since she tagged me yesterday) and I also can’t remember who has/hasn’t done it, so I’m not sure who to tag at the end. I’ll do what Candice did and tag anyone who’s reading who hasn’t done it yet =)

1. I have a Starbucks addiction. It’s been nearly 2 weeks without any Starbucks and I can feel strong withdrawal symptoms. I miss my vanilla skimmed latte and carrot cake 😦

2. I would love to write an academic book on women and Islam one day, but I’m so scared of it not doing well/no one reading it/getting criticised.

3. I want to have babies one day but I’m scared of it changing my body so much that it won’t go back to the way it was before.

4. I love blogging even more than I thought I would, and I love it when other bloggers mention me in their posts – I get very giddy and excited!

5. I’m a gym rat – I love working out and going to the gym.

6. I cry whenever I see Makkah on TV/hear the Madinah/Makkah adhaans.

7. I can be very sensitive and paranoid, especially when I’m insecure about something.

8. I would love to have a few Shetland ponies as pets, just so I can hug them all the time.

9. Sometimes I feel like I can’t be liberal and Muslim at the same time, which really worries me.

10. I miss more things about Cairo than I’d like to admit.


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