Eid Mubarak!

Ramadan is over, and I just want to say Eid Mubarak to everyone! I feel spiritually refreshed, and hope that I continue reading Qur’an and praying as much as I can, insha’Allah. I am really going to miss Ramadan, but it’ll definitely be nice to have my morning tea again 🙂 I hope everyone has an amazing Eid!

I’ll leave you with this passage that brought tears to my eyes:

“For beyond the admonitions to the faithful to create a good society by observing the Law, there is a message addressed to the whole of humanity. It is a message that proclaims the Eternal Transcendent, and man’s special responsibility as guardian of this planet. It is a message which calls on men and women to show gratitude for the world’s bounty, to use it wisely and distribute it equitably.

It is a message phrased in the language and imagery of a pastoral people who understood that survival depended upon submission to the natural laws governing their environment, and upon rules of hospitality demanding an even sharing of limited resources.

In a world increasingly riven by the gap between rich and poor nations, and in growing danger of environmental catastrophe, this message has an urgent relevance. It is one we ignore at our peril.”


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