A Few Thoughts…

  • I’m still missing Cairo and wondering if this will ever end. Was it really arrogant of me to assume that even after I built my life there I could leave and build a new one somewhere else? Obviously it’s not that easy. Family can’t be replaced, who knows if I’ll ever find amazing friends like I had in Cairo again, and there is no Starbucks near me. It gets really depressing at times, and at other times it’s more bearable. I hope I made the right decision by coming here, and that it’s just taking some time to settle in. Does anyone have any experience with this? And any advice?
  • I found the most amazing book today, “The Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures”. I think I might spend the next few weeks locked up in my apartment reading the 6 volumes. Wow! Everything I could ever want to know in one title. The volume I borrowed today is called “Practices, Interpretations, and Representations”, and each section is written by a different author. The encyclopedia is edited by Suad Joseph (whom I love) and every single prominent Islamic scholar who writes on women is in there. Yay!
  • A lot of people have been talking about Sheikh al-Azhar claiming that niqab is un-Islamic. Whether this is the case or not, this is yet another example of women being told what they can and can’t wear. This argument has been put forward by many pro-niqab Muslims, and I agree with it. I wonder, however, whether these Muslims would also defend a woman’s right to wear a mini-skirt? If a law banning mini-skirts was proposed, would these people also get upset about it, since it would also be infringing on a woman’s right to choose what to wear? When one uses that argument, it should apply to all cases, not only to cases that one agrees with.
  • Why exactly did Obama win a Nobel? What has he done?
  • I was very impressed and inspired by this post. Thank God there are other Muslims who see Islam the way I do. I think I agree with every single thing he writes!
  • My friend Aynur blogged about this book. “Questioning the Veil” by Marnia Lazreg. I read the introduction and ordered the book right away. The veil is definitely one of the aspects of Islam & Women that I’m most interested in, and unfortunately no one has really written much about it lately. I’A this book will be amazing.
  • Isn’t this an adorable picture? I love it!


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