What’s Inside my Bag

So I was tagged by the lovely Shahirah Elaiza to tell everyone what’s in my bag, so here we go! Photos courtesy of my sister 🙂

My bag 🙂

Camera and iPhone

Wallet and cards

Agenda and the book I’m currently reading

Hand cream and lip gloss

Mints and gum

Perfume, body spray, and hand cream

Mints that taste like cupcake icing 😀

I tag everyone reading!


8 thoughts on “What’s Inside my Bag

  1. HAHAH1 you still have that cream!?!?

    I used it, finished it and re-filled it like 4 times already!

    size matters when you carry as many things as YOU and I do, plus I carry other stuff like friggin calendars and business cards!!!!!

    :Like the bag color!

  2. Hi Cairo! It’s been a long while since I dropped by this site. It has sucha refreshing new feel to it! Nice and loving it! A rabbit named Salafi and then Sufi, cuteness.

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