My New Distraction

So, my lovely friend bought me a bunny! She is the cutest bunny EVER! She’s only 6 weeks old, and I’ve only had her for 4 days but she’s so playful and social already…and she’s already getting fat! 😀

At first we named her Salafi, but then we felt bad and changed the name to Sufi.

So, meet Sufi:


18 thoughts on “My New Distraction

  1. Oh my gosh lol!!!! She is the cutest bunny ever. But how on earth do you keep her? Sorry but this idea is so new to me, I’m just looking at the bunny on your blanket and going “Wha? Fill me iiiin!!!” lol! She is so gorgeous though, she looks almost as cute as a baby I swear. Maybe that will be our next addition to our zoo 😛

    • Haha well she has a cage, where she stays if I’m not home, and otherwise she just kind of runs around on the carpet (she’s too scared to leave the carpet cause she always slips on the floor LOL). Now she jumps onto the couch so she runs around that as well!

      Other than that, so far so good =)

  2. CUTE! LOL…I had a bunny as a kid! My parents got it for me when I asked for a puppy. . .Not sure they realized I knew the difference. Out of curiosity, how did your friend end up with the idea to get you a rabbit?

    • Hi Mrs. S! Well I’ve been living alone for the past 9 months which has been really hard, so I thought it would be less lonely if I had a pet. I wanted a kitten, but that didn’t work out, so I mentioned the idea of a rabbit, and my friend was really enthusiastic 😀 So we went to a pet store to check them out and then she bought one for me…very sweet!

  3. aaaw, how adorable! I was going to ask the same question as Nadia…and I didn’t know it was possible to train them either. Missed you, too! Totally forgot you moved to wordress! Gotta fix that on my sidebar.

    • Well rabbits can be trained, apparently, and I’ve been working on it. Luckily rabbits tend to choose one spot where they love to pee, so they don’t pee everywhere. But yes, they can be litter-trained!! (Thank God :P)

    • Hey! Yeah I moved to wordpress cause blogger was being annoying in the end. I couldn’t even post pics for some reason. And I love how I can reply to each comment in this format on wordpress…it looks neater 😀

  4. OMGosh, soooo adorable!! Hi Sufi *hugs*.

    I used to have a pet bunny as well. We called her Hunny Bunny and she was so huggable like yours. She’d hop around in the vege patch and eat some veges. We had to give her away one day because we were moving out of town.

    I hope you guys are enjoying each other’s company =)

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