Sufi says hi


14 thoughts on “Sufi says hi

      • OK, now I just have to figure out what species she is! Because at first I thought she was a rabbit, what with those long ears, but the feet look somehow… not very rabbity…

        • Haha she is definitely a rabbit 😛 (unless I’ve made a huge mistake lol)

          Her legs look funny in this pic but they’re normal bunny legs (I hope)…

          Do you know what type of bunny she is?

          • Goodness, no! I know very little about any animals except dogs, cats and fish… But the problem here is that it looks like she has hooves and curly hair… As if she was a little sheep or something. And I do know enough about rabbits to know they don’t have hooves 😀

            • Ahhh! Well she definitely doesn’t have hooves 😛 I think its just the angle of the photo 😛 And no curly hair either.

              Grr its good that you wrote this reply, because it reminded me of her so I looked around to see where she was and she was eating my remote control :/

              • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you want? She’s a rodent! But seriously, I know what it’s like to live with creatures that have serious teeth. One likes to have a bite – just one bite – of whatever it is I’m eating. So I put a little on the tip of my pinky and let him taste it. Which gets amusing sometimes, because you look at him close up, you see these long, sharp fangs and rough pink tongue devouring… pastry cream! MUAHAHAHAHAH So much for the idea that predators just like raw meat 😀 Seriously, though, with his set of pearly whites, I have to be glad he only weighs 5 kg 😛 Greetings to Sufi from Marcel and his cute little girlfriend Ludwika 😀

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