Saudi has reached a new low

Saudi has actually managed to reach a new low (or high for all Salafis out there).

A couple in Saudi just got divorced because the woman…wait for it…tweezed.

Yes – tweezed.

Her eyebrows.

*Looks for chocolate*



26 thoughts on “Saudi has reached a new low

  1. Lol! I had a really humorous conversation about this with reference to Saudi Arabia once – a popular alternative (with those who believe that waxing eyebrows etc is haram) to plucking/tweezing/waxing is actually to dye the stray eyebrow hairs a different colour to the main ones, so it looks tidier!


  2. To connect the actions of a couple in their personal life with a whole country is not appropriate.
    Moreover, divorces happen due to even more weird and minor reasons across the globe….in America, in Europe, in Asia, in the Far East, in Africa and so on. Highlighting Saudia for this does not make much sense.

    • Hi, welcome to the blog!

      Unfortunately this isn’t the first time I hear these things from Saudi. Not only do stories like this come out constantly, but I have Saudi friends who confirm that things there are a bit…different.
      It is also not the first time I hear about tweezing being a problem. If my blog was about America then I would post the weird divorces they have over there (and I’ve heard many of those too), but it is mostly focused on Islam which is why I posted about Saudi.

      Sorry if I offended you, but it is difficult to argue that the Islam in Saudi is not overly strict and conservative. But that is just my opinion.

  3. This is a ridiculous reason for divorce, but I am certain there are other (serious) reasons behind this. I think the tweezing reason was just an excuse to end the relationship.

    PS: I love the cat picture.

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