Sex and the City 2

So I saw Sex and the City 2 on Thursday and I have to say I was seriously disappointed.  I’m a big fan of the show so I really expected an awesome movie, but wow, what a disaster!

Above everything, the Arab stereotypes were unbelievable!!! I can’t believe it was that easy for them to be so racist, Islamophobic and demeaning!  Without spoiling anything in the movie, I have to say it seemed like 2 hours of them belittling Arab traditions and beliefs.  Even if I don’t agree with the Abu Dhabi lifestyle, I think it is just rude and ridiculous to make snide remarks and stupid jokes in front of millions of viewers (think of a scenario where someone says “balls” in front of Samantha).

What was even more disappointing was the audience at the cinema.  It was a huge cinema with loads of people, and their reactions were also really ridiculous.  You can imagine the loud cheers and claps every time someone on screen made an anti-Arab joke.  Looks like the writers and director knew exactly what Western audiences wanted 🙂

And the anti-Arab trend in Hollywood continues…


19 thoughts on “Sex and the City 2

  1. Well I would say watch it if you were planning to, I think there are some good things in the movie lol…some of the fashion is absolutely amazing, and I think Miranda was great in the whole movie. But yeah, as an Arab Muslim I definitely didn’t like most of it!

  2. *covers ears* lalalalala
    Lol, well that sucks, I was hoping most of it would be in New York! SATC IS new york! I’m still going to see it and I still have high hopes… because I’m a HUGE fan of the series.

  3. Lol sorry, I tried to not include too many spoilers…

    I’m a HUGE fan of the show as well, that’s why I was so excited. Like you said, SATC is a NY thing…one reviewer said NY is the 5th character…so true!

    Let me know what you think!

  4. I’m a huge fan of the show but didn’t like the first movie and wasn’t planning on seeing this one. Definitely won’t now.

    The reallity of the situation is that it’s totally okay to make fun of Arabs and Muslims in general while socially unacceptable (and rightly so) when it comes to most other groups. Double standard indeed!

  5. You may be happy to know that I saw a review of this movie today that said this movie makes the crew looks like arrogant, ignorant Americans and he did not like it. He said the term “Ugly American” came to mind. And this was an American guy so . . . 🙂 I read it my local newspaper.

  6. Speaking of clapping etc at the movies…I forget how many times I sat in the cinema in Bahrain watching a horrible scene where someone dies or something bad happens…and the audience of mostly Arab Bahrainis stars whooping and laughing and clapping it up. Ive never sat through a sad movie in which so much of the audience treated it like a comedy.

    Thinking of Will Smith having to kill his one and only companion, his dog, in I Am Legend..the saddest thing u can imagine…and yet the audience was hysterically laughing and clapping…go figure.

    We’ve all got our quirks apparently.

  7. I watched it last night and was braced for cringes, but I didn’t find it all that racist, maybe it’s because I’m not Arab but I saw it quite differently than you 🙂 I think I took the jokes to be at Samantha rather than at Arab culture (I don’t know which way it was intended but I found Samantha ridiculous anyway). Miranda at least was quite sensitive to the culture and learnt some Arabic etc. And I liked the way they found some common ground with the veiled women near the end.

    I was pleasantly surprised at them admiring the blingy abayas and Carrie saying she “could do the head-wrap thing” if not the face veil. They were more positive about the hijab than I expected.

    It was generally disappointing though, I agree – quite a boring movie with no real plot, and the characters have lost all their depth. I can see where you’re coming from with the Arab stereotypes too, it was a bit OTT what with the camels and Arabic coffee and angry men in the souq and everything. 🙂

    • “I think I took the jokes to be at Samantha rather than at Arab culture.”

      Me too but I wonder if most other viewers saw it that way? The audience at my cinema seemed to be laughing at Arab culture, not Samantha.

      But yeah I loved Miranda! She was adorable 😀

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