Sorry I haven’t been blogging as much, I’ve been busy with some things.  My family’s visiting from Cairo, I have two papers to finish before I can finally relax, and I’ve been watching the World Cup.  I’m so excited that Holland’s in the final tomorrow! Can you believe they beat Brazil?!

Unfortunately Paul the Octopus, one of the biggest celebrities around these days, has predicted that Spain will win tomorrow.  I guess there isn’t even any point in playing anymore.  Then again Paul was wrong about the Euro 2008 final, so maybe there’s hope! In related news, Paul has received death threats! (Please please please let them not be from Muslims who think using an octopus to predict matches is bid’a or haram.)

Hopefully I’ll be posting more soon, especially from the Shari’ah conference I went to.

How has everyone been??


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  1. LOL, wow the octopus is getting death threats huh? Poor little guy.. lol

    I’ve been doing well, just went kayaking today, it was sooo fun! Now we are watching the WC highlights, looking forward to tomorrow! I thought of you also when Holland made it all the way. Woohoo!

  2. ROTFL I just watched Paul on Youtube. This poor thing is getting death threats?! Poor octopus, it just wants its food out of the box.

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