I don’t even know where to start with this.

Or this.

What’s going on people?

I think I’m gonna need some a whole cake before posting more on this.


12 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. i just posted that video on my fb page a few minutes. its horrible and pathetic. i hate to know that such hate mongers are alive and kicking here and getting away with it. as i stated on my fb page, his entire congregation believes everything he is saying.

    it just hurts me to know that they will burn even one holy Qur’an…i pray i never see it happen.

    and it makes me wonder whats coming next.

  2. I think the media needs to ignore nuts like that. They are just attention-seeking idiots. I’ve learned to just ignore them so they don’t get what they want. Stupid!

    Save some cake for me!

  3. This started some years ago, with books like not without my daugther and then Rushdi and so forth. Now every retard who wants to atract other retards, has to bash islam or muslims or the Prophet or the holy Quran.
    You, yourself state that the first news is worse then the other, which shows how our muslims themselves have declined in understanding what is more important in life.
    The atacks that started first on muslim countries some years ago, then on the hadiths about the Prophet and other characters and later on on the Prophet himself. Some years ago the atacks got worse when the hijab was attacked, and now its hte Quran.
    No, the first news is not worse, because the first news is about a small group of people the french want to get rid of, while hte Quran is holy for 1.5 billion muslims, its our law, its our history, its our holy book.
    No the first news is not worse, because its not the word of Allah and its not the word of the Prophet that is going to be burned.
    When the shias of Iraq were massacred, they were silent most of the time, until the salafis blew up a grave of an Imam in Samaraah, then hell broke lose and shias started to kill sunnis too. Why were they silent (mostly) for so many times and due to so many atrocities and suddenly when a mosque was demolished htey started to get pissed off? Same goes for this Quranburning now.
    Provocation and more provocation. If muslims get angry at what people are doing to the picture of the holy Prophet, what will happen if the word of Allah will be burned in this manner?

    • I said the first is worse because it’s a government and politicians saying it is okay to treat Muslims like that, whereas the second story is a small bunch of idiots who obviously don’t know anything. France has the capacity to have a much bigger impact than a small church in America – at least at the moment. Europe’s current identity crisis is a huge threat to Islam and Muslims, more so than tiny churches with idiots who think burning the Qur’an is okay. So that’s why I said that.

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