I’ve been tagged!

The lovely Caraboska tagged me, so here goes…

Books I’ve read recently…

  1. The Life of Muhammad – Martin Lings
  2. The Road to Mecca – Muhammad Asad
  3. The Image of Muhammad – Tarif Khalidi
  4. The Qur’an
  5. Sybil – Flora Schreiber

Songs/albums I listen to all the time…

  1. Omar Faruk
  2. Online Jazz Station
  3. Poker Face 😀

I love…

  1. Apple tart
  2. Chocolate chip cookies
  3. Orange and kiwi juice
  4. Cupcakes
  5. Lattes
  6. Iced caramel macchiatos
    (I’m seeing a theme. Maybe something not edible?)
  7. Coffee with my mum & sis at Starbucks
  8. Discussing Africa with my best friend Reem
  9. My new prayer rug mouse pad 😀
  10. My bed

Things I’ve learned this year…

  1. It’s better to keep busy while fasting (not necessarily at the gym though o__o.  By the way, after I complained about going to the gym while fasting, I did it again. Again! What’s wrong with me?)
  2. I will always love Cairo and will always want to end up living there.
  3. I hate the rain. Yes it’s romantic and fun for the first 5 minutes – till you have to leave your house -__-
  4. I LOVE blogging, my readers, and reading comments!

New recipes I want to try…

  1. Iced capuccino
  2. Yeeeeah.  Need to work on my kitchen skills.

Fav online hangouts…

  1. FB
  2. Blogs I love
  3. Gmail
  4. Skype

Projects I need to work on…

  1. Eating healthy now that Ramadan’s almost over (I hate how iftar rolls around and you think you have so many calories to make up for and somehow still end up over-eating. Everyday.)
  2. Finish my thesis.

Other people I think should do this…

I’m always bad at this cause I never know who hasn’t been tagged yet.  So if you’re reading this, do it!


3 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged!

  1. Bismillah. Thanks for ‘playing tag’ with me! I always thought one has to eat extr healthy to survive Ramadan??? May the Lord bless and keep you, and may His peace and mercy be upon you.

  2. Bismillah. Eid Mubarak! May the Lord grant us greater and greater knowledge of Him and may we remove from our lives all idols, worshiping God and only God in spirit and in truth! Ameen.

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