Eid Mubarak

Wow! Ramadan is over! It went by pretty fast this year, and it’s kind of sad but it’s really nice to be able to have tea or coffee in the morning again 😀

I’ve been really busy these days, since I’ll be starting a new Masters on Monday, i’A.  I made the decision a few weeks ago to wrap up the Masters I’m doing now in Islam (finishing the thesis) and start a new one in Gender & Development, which I’m really excited about! I’m really curious to hear about all my readers and what they study/studied/want to study/wished they had studied.

I did my BA in Sociology, an MA in Islam in the West and now an MA in Gender & Development.  I wish I had also studied Anthropology at some point, as well as Political Science.

What about you guys?



5 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak

  1. Eid Mubarak, CLA!

    And congrats on starting your new Masters. I am so excited for you 🙂

    Me? I have a BA in English Literature, a BA in Sociology, MA in Applied Linguistics, MEd in Educational Technology, and now I am doing a PhD.

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