YES, he’s as good looking in real life and YES, he’s as funny and intelligent and captivating!

I will post more on the lecture he gave soon, also because I’m going to another one he’s giving i’A, so then I can combine the two.

HE’S AMAZING! I really feel this is what Islam needs right now.

Very blurry but that's me and him! Ugh stupid phone camera was shaky!


16 thoughts on “GUESS WHO I MET!

  1. How cool is that???!! Wow! 😀 I just finished one of his books not long ago and talked about him this morning on another blog. Ha! Then to come here and find THIS! Amazing! 😀

  2. I have read all of his books and love listening to him speak on NPR here in America. He is one of my favorite people! Lucky woman! 🙂

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