Lut and Homosexuality

I just finished reading a very interesting essay on the interpretation of the story of Lut in the Qur’an.  The conclusion that Islam forbids homosexuality comes from interpretations of verses in the Qur’an that talk about the people of Sodom.  The essay argued that rather than condemning homosexual acts, God was in fact condemning rape.

This is a very interesting proposition. The essay quotes Al-Kisa’i, a scholar who interprets the Qur’anic verses by telling Lut’s story. He arranges all the verses about Lut in a narrative sequence, buttressed by what the Islamic tradition had preserved of historical and sociological knowledge about the places and societies that existed at the time, of which Sodom was one.

The essay highlights the importance of interpreting verses by taking all other verses into consideration.  Thus the method of interpreting a verse as though it is the single existing verse, or interpreting a verse literally, are problematic in the sense that it may exclude information that would change the meaning of the verse.

With the story of Lut, we see that excluding information meant that homosexuality and homosexual acts were condemned. After including other sources of information, as well as all the verses about Lut in the Qur’an, we see that it is possible that homosexual rape is what is being condemned.  Those are 2 very different things! The men in Sodom were raping visitors, not having consensual sex with them. Why did commentators not mention that? Why did they choose to condemn all homosexual acts, when that was not necessarily what the people of Sodom were doing?

To see clearly how the jurist’s treatment of this story perverts its deeper meaning, we can compare Lut’s story with that of Salih. Allah sent Salih to the people of Thamud as their Prophet. The people of Thamud were wealthy & arrogant. Salih announced that a certain camel was made sacred and should be allowed to wonder freely, eat and drink on anyone’s land, and be respected by all. The camel stood symbolically for the weak and vulnerable members of society.

The arrogant nobles of the community hamstrung the camel, tied her up, and slaughtered her. As a consequence, their city with all its inhabitants was destroyed by Allah. Why did they kill the camel? To repudiate their Prophet, lower his dignity in the eyes of their fellows, and reject the belief in the One God which was the foundation of his ethical message.

Nobody would take seriously a commentator who presents the people of Thamud as being obsessed by a hatred of camels or a perverted lust for camel blood that corrupted their innermost dispositions. Nobody would take seriously a jurist who argued that killing another’s camel is a capital crime, based on the example of the people of Thamud who were destroyed after killing a camel. Anyone suggesting these interpretations would be laughed out of the mosque, and would be gently reminded that he or she had missed the basic point of Salih’s story.

The same is true for those who miss the point of Lut’s story.

Essay: Sexuality, Diversity and Ethics by Scott Siraj al-Haqq Kugle.



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  1. About the Author —

    Kisai was certainly a master storyteller and his sense of the dramatic value in ending a narrative section at precisely the right moment to heighten an important point in the mind of the listener is exhibited throughout. Although Kisai refrains from doing so, it was at such moments that the preacher might have broken into a moral discourse or urged his audience to ponder the significance of what they had just heard. On a much more mundane level, it must have been at precisely these junctures, when the crowds were most anxious to know what comes next, that the professional storyteller made his pitch and had his collector pass the hat around before proceeding with the narrative.

    It should be remembered that, whereas the prophetic tales have their pious and devotional aspect, Kisai’s version is basically designed for popular entertainment and should ideally be recited by a professional raconteur.

    Så once again..a storyteller knows more about the Quran or those who were living with the Prophet and the Quran every day?

    • “The Prophet certainly did encounter people in his Arab society in Mecca and Medina who had uncommon sexual identities and practices that contradicted the heterosexual norm. Yet the Prophet is not known to have censured any of them for sexual acts or sexuality in the wider sense. There is no report of the Prophet having any of them burned or stoned for sexual practices.”

  2. Sara, thats not the same thing as accepting homosexuality. The Hadiths are pretty clear about that.

    Ignore my swedish and go to the link and see the movies..Iran allows transsexuality, operations and marriages between transsexual pairs, but thats not the same thing as allowing or accepting homosexuality.

    That the holy Prophet might have accepted “uncommong” sexual identities isnt the same thing as accepting homosexuality.

    One saying is, Muhammed is the city of Knowledge and Ali is its gate, would the gate to the knowledge be wrong? Very doubtful. Would you, me or any alim, be even close to those Sahabas knowledge about islam and the Quran? I think you should see the logic behind my statement, both shias and sunnis are 100% sure about that homosexuality is haram, forbidden and a crime.
    How often do you find us united like this 😉

  3. What the Quran says, and How the Prophet(pbuh) feels about it are two different things. The Quran is from God—The Prophet(pbuh) was a man. For example, the Quran allows for divorce because God is compassionate and merciful and wants happiness for his creation. The Prophet(pbuh) was not too happy about this fearing abuse of this practice.

    Likewise, even if the Quran did not explicity forbid sexuality (and this may be a point for further discussion) that heterosexuals will find homosexual practice unusual and uncomfortable is understandable. Thus our understanding of the Quran becomes limited by our own prejudices.

    This is also displayed with the “wife beating” verse, where people(males) of that time felt wife-beating was an acceptable practice and limited the interpretation of the verse to suit their prejudices views.

    • “Likewise, even if the Quran did not explicity forbid sexuality (and this may be a point for further discussion) that heterosexuals will find homosexual practice unusual and uncomfortable is understandable. Thus our understanding of the Quran becomes limited by our own prejudices.”

      Exactly, but then these people should acknowledge that their understanding of the Qur’an is being influenced by their discomfort with a different form of sexuality. Instead, they ignore this and produce interpretations that they then claim are objective.

  4. The Quran is a direct Message/Guidance TO ALL MANKIND from God—therefore I have a problem when people say the Quran cannot be understood by man today—-That is untrue—the Quran is a message to YOU as an individual–God is speaking to you directly. Yes, how the Prophet(pbuh) and the scholars understand the Quran is a valuable treasure for our knowledge and should not be dismissed—-neither should the fact that this is Guidance meant for all human beings, both individually and collectively.

  5. As a general rule—-if there are areas of contention in the Quran caused by our inadequate understanding or because of spiritual immaturity—it is always best to err on the side of compassion and mercy and let God take care of judgements.

    • Yes, I agree again – this is how I feel in general. God repeatedly states that He is merciful and compassionate…how do we reconcile that with the God we see in interpretations of the Qur’an that kills people for no reason and punishes peoples for feelings they didn’t choose to have?

      Thanks for your comments!

  6. That is an eye opener! If that essay is online – I’d love if you could send it to me!

    I finally got my alumni card and would love if you’d point out a reading list for me so I can get cracking on these amazing books and ewssays of yours! Islamic education – here I come!

  7. The Quran says “you are practicing your lusts on men instead of women” – so…I think it’s quite clear that its homosexuality being referred to. If it was talking about homosexual rape, and it said “practice on women” – then surely that would condone rape of women?

    I think it’s very clear that men practicing lust on men is what is bad here. Supporting my view is the additional rule that men are not allowed to have anal sex with women. Anal sex is a no, men on men is a no.

    On a personal level I understand that some people are gay and this is something they have to deal with. I don’t know what that feels like (to be gay and believe in God / Islam at the same time) so clearly I cannot really speak with any intelligence on what homosexuals go through in their lives, whether its hard for them / easy for them…what ever…I don’t know.

    But what I can say is that for me, the Islamic stance is crystal clear on the issue [to the men]:”do not practice your lusts on men”.

    • Could you share where you got that quotation from? Another question is: do you think it is possible that the translation you just quoted was influenced by subjective notions? Or do you believe interpretations are flawless?

  8. Anon you seem to forget the fact that the Prophet didnt speak out of his own whims (Quran states that clearly).
    If we shouldnt feel discomfort by the feelings of some deviants, why should we have bad feelings if a man has sex with an animal? Why should we have discomfort that a man has sex with 2 or 3 women at the same time? Why do we feel discomfort if he has sex with a 14 or 13 year old kid?

    If we follow your logic, why did Allah punish the whole of Sodom and Gomorra? Do you mean they all were rapists? Women and men? So the women that were punished in those cities, were they raping other women? Or were they raping men?

    Its homosexuality that was punished not the “rapists”.

    • Actually it’s clear from the story that rape was not the only sin happening in Sodom. They were arrogant and they put the Prophet Lut through a lot. So in general, there were other sins happening there.

  9. Why, when speaking of homosexuality…sex with animals is always mentioned as being similar or equatable with it?

    Seriously, seriously seriously do you equate homosexual sex with having sex with an animal? Is having sex with an animal on the minds of a lot of Muslims because that ALWAYS is the very next comment when talking about this issue?

    Now, comments like yours make me wonder who the true “deviants” are.

    As for the post….tell me…when the men of the town were banging on the door demanding those angels (disguised as men) to be sent out so they could “have sex” with them…do you really believe the mob was intent on having consensual homosexual sex with them…or homosexually raping them? As mentioned…there is a difference.

    Arab/Muslim history is replete with homosexuality, in literature, poetry, history etc etc…it has always been there and yet no out right condemnation of it ever issued from the lips of the prophet. No other town/city/culture etc was ever destroyed for it…and yes…we do feel a sense of discomfort when we think of sex with animals, young children, (though not 2 or 3 women and I will explain) because those animals and children did not give consent for sex to take place. That is called rape…and that is what the story of Lot is about. Having sex with 2 or 3 women is not rape if they are all consenting adults. Difference.

    “It’s homosexuality that was punished…not the rapists.” So the entire town was culpable in homosexuality? Everyone in the town was a part of it and so the entire town had to be destroyed because they were all engaging in homosexual sex??? Is that your conclusion?

    If that is a correct assumption then God should have continued on his path of destroying entire cities for the sins of some…and did away with a few more…namely those in the middle east that have corrupted his “perfect” religion beyond recognition. You would think that would irk him a little more than a little sex between men.

  10. Cool deviant is deviant..what you feel about me is of no importance to me. You seem not to know how islam and muslims view homosexuals, and trust me its not far away from animals. A man who has sex with an animal gets not killed according to islamic laws, a man who has sex with a man, can get killed. I hope you manage to grasp this.

    As for the Angels that were threatend with rape, they were so good looking that they attracted the mens desires, but the cities of Sodom and Gomorra were cities of homosexuals thats something jews, christinas and muslims are pretty agreed on.

    So if a 14 year old gives consent, its ok with you? So if a 13 year old gives consent, its ok with you?

    I notice that your knowledge of the Quran and the stories of islam is very meager.
    Those towns didnt have anyone who was innocent, except Lot and his family.
    No kids existed in these cities, because they didnt have sex with their wives anymore. The whole cities were infested and thats why this punishment.
    Allah is adl, He is just, he doesnt punish the innocent.

    Your hate for arabs and the mid east shows what kind of person you are..homosexuals are criminals according to the Quran and no liberal will change the muslim view 🙂
    You think your view matters to the proof that exist in Quran and the Hadithbooks?

    Who says he didnt say anything about homosexuals?

    Given the vagueness of the Qur’an regarding the punishment of liwat, Islamic jurists have turned to the collections of the hadith (sayings of Muhammad) and akhbar (accounts of his life). These, on the other hand, are perfectly clear and particularly harsh.[10]
    Ibn al-Jawzi[disambiguation needed] records Muhammad as cursing sodomites in several hadith, and recommending the death penalty for both the active and passive partners in same-sex acts.[11]
    Sunan al-Tirmidhi, again reports Muhammad as having prescribed the death penalty for both the active and the passive partner: “Whoever you find committing the sin of the people of Lut, kill them, both the one who does it and the one to whom it is done.”[1] The overall moral or theological principle is that a person who performs such actions (luti) challenges the harmony of God’s creation, and is therefore a revolt against God.[8]
    Al-Nuwayri in his Nihaya reports that the Prophet is alleged to have said what he feared most for his community were the practices of the people of Lot [10]
    Such hadith nevertheless show that, while probably not very common in Bedouin society, homosexuality was not totally unknown in Arabia of the pre-Islamic period.[10]

    Gays are to be killed, and no ignorance of yours will change that 🙂

  11. Abu Bakr, condemned a homosexual to be buried beneath the debris of a wall, and prescribed burning alive as the penalty for all those guilty of such practices.[12] In this respect he was followed by Abd Allah bin al-Zubayr and Hisham bin Abd al-Malik. For his part, Ali bin Abi Talib ordered the stoning of a luti and had another thrown head-first from the top of a minaret; according to Ibn Abbas, this last punishment must be followed by stoning. Abd Allah bin Umar went a step beyond the condemnation by the Prophet, reckoning that these people would be resurrected in the form of monkeys and pigs.[10

    So according to your logic, those Sahabas were misguided? The Prophets hadiths, were all false? Just so that you can defend some low lifes who prefer the behind of a man? What ignorance and what deviant thinking.

    Coolred you remind me really of the wahabis, who dont bother with proof but try to reinterpret islam according to their own whims

  12. Bahlool…my knowledge of Islam is not even close to meager…just because I dont agree with u…or the sahaba who apparently wanted to kill everything and everyone that didnt conform (what happen to the whole “no compulsion in religion” thing) doesnt mean my knowledge is meager. I do not hate arabs or muslims and that is just a tangent Muslims like to take to detract…my children are arab and muslim and I dont hate them…so quit with the asinine remarks.

    Funny how now you agree with something Christians and Jews say…regarding WE all agree on homosexuals…but any other time they have strayed from the right path and punished by god and a new book had to come along blah blah blah. SO you can pick and choose now what they are right in and what they are wrong in as long as it suits your argument? (you being any you…dont take it personal)

    Oh yeah, “giving the vagueness of the Quran regarding liwat”…gee so this perfect book that is “complete and easy to understand”…does not even right out mention a specific punishment for homosexual sex…and so the sahaba decide throwing them from minarets and burying them and every other kind of horrible death was an adequate and accurate translation? Really? That sounds like something else Ive heard of…stoning adulterers rather than lashing them as the QURAN says.

    Muslims certainly like to go out on a limb and expand on what god has declared. They prefer to give the most extreme form of punishment possible rather than be merciful, lenient, and forgiving as GOD himself IS and advises everyone to be.

    And Im sorry…but where did I say in my comment that Im fine with 13 or 14 year old girls having sex??? They are underage and cannot give consent according to the law…period.

    Your confusing me with Arabs who seem to think a female is ripe for sex no matter what the hell her age is. Oh yeah…and the Ayatollah Khomeni.

    Hadith are contradictory to each other and especially to the Quran. There is absolutely NO way to determine the false from the true…and really…even the ones declared true do not add anything fundamental to the religion. Common sense should be common sense without explanations. So according to my logic, as you stated, those sahabas you mentioned sounded like blood thirsty cold murderers who were homophobic and vengeful. Real Muslim like.

    Hadith are replete with less than stellar behavior from your beloved sahabas…so you can use them as your source of inspiration if you want to…but I wont be throwing any gays off a minaret anytime soon…will you? But if your prophet approved of it…why not?

    btw I remind you of a wahabi…really…thanks for the chuckle. Just finished finals in college and needed one. If Islam makes so called peace loving people into homophobic killers…or admire homophobic killers…then your damn right I will reinterpret to my own whims. How can you even write that with a heart that doesnt quiver with shame?

  13. btw Bahlool…I dont need God or sahabas telling me that somethings are bad…because my heart and mind do a real good job without needing 1450 year old explanations. Alcohol is bad because of the destruction it causes…same with drugs…same with adultery (destruction of families) same with stealing, lying, murder and and and…all those sinful deeds have an element of destruction and harm to them…something we are doing to someone else that either destroys/harms them or ourselves. I dont need God or sahabas trying to convince me they are sinful deeds because common sense is enough.

    However, I fail to see how being gay is destructive or harmful to others or to yourself. How does it harm others? How does someone being gay harm or hurt you Bahlool? What is it taking from you or forcing upon you? How can it harm yourself? You are in love (lets forget for a moment not everyone having sex is in love but that holds true for heteros as well as gays)…and love is a good thing…at least that is the generally accepted opinion of it. So how is it harmful and destructive to you, me, society, god, religion, govt, or those f**king pigs and monkeys you mentioned?

    With you unmeager knowledge of Islam…please explain in easy to understand words how being gay is a harmful or destruction action that requires death? Teach me Bahlool so that I may learn to be bloodthirsty and homophobic like you and your beloved sahabas and prophet that you speak so highly of.

  14. In my opinion, the science of hadith is best left to scholars—as these have to be understood in context and many Muslims today who quote hadith are not hadith scholars themselves and so do not understand the full context of the hadith or its grade of authenticity—-this simply creates confusion.

    In Islam, it is generally understood and accepted that homosexuality is immoral. Therefore, when we condone or participate in acts that we consider/accept as immoral, we cause “moral injury” to ourselves/soul. Therefore, it is important for all of us to find a way forward on this issue—-because oppression of another human being on the basis of inadequate understanding or false judgement also causes “moral injury” to ourselves/soul. (which is why, I prefer to err on the side of compassion and mercy and trust in God to take care of Judgements.)

    However, this discussion is pointless if done among heterosexuals for we do not understand, and cannot emphathise with homosexuality or LGBT issues. It is beyond our scope. In order to have any meaningful discussion, LGBT people have to be involved who can explain their positions and issues.

    Here are some verses on this issue—-Quran Sura 15, verses 58-73, Surah 26-verses 160-173,
    If we read the whole story—there are a some things that are interesting—1) Why is it mentioned that the “old woman” (Lut’s wife) is also killed by God’s wrath?—the Quran says she turned back to look—what is the significance? 2) Why does Lut offer his daughters in marriage? 3) God deliberately sends angels that cause an uproar in town and create a frenzy of lust among the men—what does this signify of the state of affairs? 4) what do these verses mean (read carefully—Yusuf Ali translation) Surah 26 verses 165-166 (Lut says) “Of all the creatures in the world, will you approach males, and leave those whom God has created for you to be your mates? No, you are a people transgressing.”

    This leads to another question……..
    Is God’s Judgement based only on specific actions or is it based on the intent that is informed by a rejection of moral principles? (which results in causing moral injury to both self, to society and to humanity)

  15. hahahaha..serious you dont hate arabs or muslims..i would never have thoguth you hated us 😉 Your whole text is inspired of hate and ignorance..your knowledge is meager, as you question the Quran, the Hadith books, the Prophet (as you stated, your prophet) the sahabas. What kind of knowledge of islam you own, when you dont even know how the muslim system works. I feel sorry for your children if they have a hateful parent who hates their religion and their people.
    There are so many holes in your statements that i dont even know where to start. So someone decided that underage is 15 or 14 or 13 and we have to obey that? Human laws above Allahs laws, as usual.

    You trashtalk the Sahabas, the Quran Allah and the Prophet and then you claim to be muslim or that your knowledge of islam is anything but meager? A waste of time to even discuss with you 🙂

    I may learn to be bloodthirsty and homophobic like you and your beloved sahabas and prophet that you speak so highly of.

    This shows how you hate islam and the holy Prophet.

    This shows how they are harmful 😉 and your right, islam is filled wiht hate and vengence and is against love. Love your monkey, love your dog, love your gay friend love whatever you wish and inshallah khair.

  16. Bahlool…was there a point to that rambling comment? Hard to pinpoint with all your smiley faces. btw I “trash talked” your beloved sahabas and prophet based on what YOU yourself said…and of course those wonderful hadith that create such hate and confusion to begin with.

    Dont feel sorry for my children…they are growing up with one of the most important skills a human being could ever have…the ability to think critically. I did not raise them to open up and swallow anything “just because” and Ive spent more time teaching them the importance of love and not how God views our inherent differences as worthy of Hell.

    And I didnt say Islam is filled with hate and vengeance…I said you are…and your beloved prophet and sahabas.

    And as usual…rather than give your answer you copy a link….are you capable (are mean spirited Muslims in general) capable of writing their own thoughts on a matter or do they always need someone else’s to argue for them?

    Please point out even a single comment in mine that “inspires hate and ignorance”…simply because I believe loving someone is the ultimate reward for anyone on this big lonely planet..and when you find that someone the close intimate relationship you establish is a physical reminded of why you feel the way you do…and for that you should be thrown off minarets and buried under rubble.

    And Im the one filled with hate and vengeance? 😉

    • “and your beloved prophet and sahabas. ”

      I prefer to believe that only the narrations that show them in a bad light are untrue, not that they were actually filled with hate (which is probably what you were meaning, but anyway)…

      • Aynur…I meant hers…as in the ones she described…who bear little resemblence to the ones Ive heard of….but to each his own “idol”.

  17. So your children will burn in hell with you, and your point is? My beloved Prophet filled with hate? Sigh..I gave you proof, and gave you my answers several times but when i question your irrationel and hateful statements, you avoid them. Once more. If i love a child that is 12 and the child loves me, is it ok to have sex? Dont forget that the age for sex differes from country to country so there is no logic to demand that the child is 18 or 16 or 15.

    Your hate towards muslims and islam and the great Prophet can only be related to your own relationship with your partner, and i feel sorry for you that you have to defend some lowlifes and in the same time trashtalk those whoese dirt your not even worth of seeing.
    According to you, its ok to be unfailtful, as long as there is “love”
    According to you its ok to have low desires, as long as there is “love”

    Accordign to you its ok for me to sleep with my sister, as long as she gives her ok?
    Ignorance is a bliss?

    As usual you will avoid the main questions with your hate towards Allah and his religion, but i am kinda used to that by now.

  18. Bahlool…Im assuming the consumption of either alcohol or drugs was involved in the writing of your comment because it is a rambling bit of nonsense that has nothing to do with anything I said.

    Now Im okaying sex between siblings and children? Really…your reading comphrehension is on the same level as your level of compassion for your fellow man.

    And NOW my children are going to burn in thell with me…this conversation, such as it is, is over and any further comments you might make on this blog…please do not include me in them. You are the one full of hate and eager to send people to hell (even children).

    You need a little love in your life apparently. Try it…I swear it doesnt hurt.

  19. Bahlool…one last comment…I told my children that a self righteous self important Muslim wannabe sent us all to hell…and they unanimously agreed that to be in hell is better than to be anywhere people like you are.

  20. All you do is trashtalk me, the Prophet, the Quran, Allah and the Sahaba and now you do it again instead of answering the discussion. I dont do drugs, and i dont do alcohol, i know i said it before, but your knowledge of islam is very meager if you think any of that is allowed for me 🙂

    If you say its all about love, i ask about love between siblings. Whats the issue? If two siblings love each other, why not? So one love is ok and another love is not ok?

    Well i hope your children burn with you. They are trash like you. You dont expect to trashtalk the Prophet, Allah, the Quran, the Sahaba, my religion, myself and then get away with it? Do i look like someone who shows you my other chin?
    Well your children are like you, retards and to wish hell for themselves is just good. Next time show respect if you wish to have some back, now you can go :))

    • I was reading through the series of comments and the part regarding trashtalking the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him), the Quran, God and the Sahabas caught my eye.

      It reminded me of a story that moved me. I hope it moves you too.

      This is a story from the life of a companion of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). It is a short story with universal themes like humility, respect and love for one another despite our differences. A glimpse of the man who is so often misunderstood by many.

      The story goes like this…..

      In the corner of the marketplace of Madinah, was a blind Jewish beggar, who would cry out daily to all those who came near him, “O my brothers, don’t be near Muhammad! He’s a lunatic, he’s a liar, a sorcerer! If you are to be close to him, you will be influenced by him!”

      No matter whoever approached him, the blind Jewish beggar will definitely not waste his chance to incite them to hate the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

      All kinds of curses would spew forth from the beggar’s lips even though he had never known the Prophet personally.

      The news about the blind Jewish beggar’s daily cursing and badmouthing him came to the knowledge of the Prophet (pbuh).

      Even then, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not get angry and he ignored the blind Jewish beggar’s insults against himself. On the contrary, from that day onwards, at each morning, the Prophet (pbuh) visited the blind beggar and brought food for him.

      Without saying a single word, the Blessed Messenger (pbuh) would feed the beggar with his own hand.

      The blind beggar would chew the food being fed to him and eat contentedly. Once he was full, he’d express his gratitude without knowing that the one who had fed him was the Holy Prophet of Allah.

      The Prophet (pbuh) continued to feed the blind beggar without fail each day till the day he died. Throughout his service to the blind beggar, he never identified himself to the blind Jewish beggar.


      One day, the closest Companion of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), Saiyidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq, Radhiallahu Anhu (May Allah be pleased with him) visited the home of his daughter, Saiyidatina Aishah, Radhiallahu Anha (May Allah be pleased with her), the widow of the Blessed Messenger (SAW).

      Abu Bakar asked Aishah, “O my child, is there any habit of my beloved (Prophet) that I have yet to carry out?”

      Aisyah replied, “Dear Father, you are verily a follower of the Sunnah (Habits) of the Prophet and there is none that you have yet to do except for one deed only.”

      “What is that?” asked Abu Bakar.

      “Every morning, the Prophet of Allah (pbuh) will go to the end of the marketplace, bringing food to a blind old Jewish beggar who lives there and feed him by his hand,” said Aishah.

      The next day, Abu Bakar As Siddiq went to the marketplace with food for the blind beggar. Abu Bakar As Siddiq approached the beggar and started to feed him. At the first handful of food being fed to him, the blind Jewish beggar became angry and shouted out, “Who are you?”

      Abu Bakar answered, “I am the one who usually feeds you every morning”.

      “No! Don’t you lie to me!” objected the blind beggar.

      Abu Bakar was shocked, thus he asked, “Why do you say so?”

      Answered the blind Jewish beggar, “Because when he comes to me, I always felt it easy to hold his hand and found it easy to chew the food he fed me! The man who used to feed me would make the food fine before feeding it to me!”

      Abu Bakar As Siddiq could not hold back his tears anymore and he burst out crying and had to disclose who he actually was to the beggar.

      “Verily, I am not the one who used to come and feed you. I am one of his Companions for the noble one is alive no more.He was none other than the Blessed Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (pbuh).”

      “Muhammad?” asked the blind old Jewish beggar, totally shocked with what he had just heard.

      “You mean to tell me that the one who came each morning without fail and fed me by his hand was Muhammad?” asked the beggar.

      “Yes! It was Muhammad.” answered Abu Bakar.

      Immediately, the blind old Jewish beggar wailed out in despair and cried so pitifully coming to realise that it was none other than the Holy Prophet (pbuh) who had been feeding him all this while.

      “All these while!… all these while, I had been cursing him, I had been slandering him! Not once has he ever scolded me! He kept coming every morning to feed me! He is so noble!..” cried the old blind Jewish beggar as he wiped away his flowing tears on his cheeks.

      The blind beggar reached out to Saiyidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq, the first Caliph of the Muslims and testified before him the Kalimah Shahadah:

      “أشهد أن لا إله إلاَّ الله و أشهد أن محمد رسول الله ” declaring that “There is No God but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

  21. I personally think we can achieve a lot through patience, tolerance and love. Hate breeds hate. And it does most damage to our ability to think rationally. When we hate we spew venom and look silly.

    Great post, Sara. Thanks for sharing a new perspective with us. While I believe that homosexuality is condemned by Islam and Quran, I also appreciate that there is more than one way of looking at anything and everything. I admire your quest for knowledge and feel privileged that you give me the opportunity to learn so many new and interesting things from you, and also that you allow me to leave (sometimes illogical!) comments here to which you always graciously and patiently respond. Thank you once again1

  22. Regarding homosexuality and religion, the discussion usually ends up turning into an ugly display of human behavior. Reactions tell us more about people than they think, no?

    I like your point of view on this, Sara, it is more than inspiring. I think it is great how you back up your arguments and opinions with evidence, through scholarly material or recent articles or world events.

    I have reconciled my concerns regarding homosexuality and religion, and I hope you are able to also. low blows and ugliness such as what is displayed in this post only further proves, I hope, that the conclusions you come upon should not be based on what people tell you you should think, but instead on what sits with you intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and logically.

    Peace and Happiness sis.

  23. “Those towns didnt have anyone who was innocent, except Lot and his family. No kids existed in these cities, because they didnt have sex with their wives anymore. The whole cities were infested and thats why this punishment. Allah is adl, He is just, he doesnt punish the innocent.”


    I don’t know much about this. Just curious, what happened to those wives whose husbands were no longer having sex with; were their lives spared from the destructions?

  24. WOW, I am amazed at the lengths people will go to ‘prove’ their wishful thinking with regards to the entire ‘homosexuality’ debate.

    In fact it is very easy to refute the claim of ‘rape’ by looking at the Primary text itself. In the Qur’an Prophet Lut said to the people in response to their actions:
    “These are my daughters, they are purer for you!” [11:78]
    “These are my daughters, if you must act!” [16:72]

    Whether the noble prophet was referring to his own daughters or the general women in the town, it is preposterous and extremely unacceptable to think that the prophet of God would have said, here transfer your actions of ‘rape’ on those women instead.

    We seriously have to be careful what type of ‘scholarship’ we are taking seriously these days!

  25. Nida…it was believed…and still believed by a large majority of Muslims (and the Quran says all prophets are Muslims) that a woman had no choice and could not refuse her husband sex (remember the whole angels cursing her until morning thing)…and so…no…Lut is offering his daughters who will fullfill their roles as submissive wives as they are meant to do…they cannot be raped…you cant rape your wife…her purpose is to submit sexually to you which means she cant be raped.

    He wasnt offering them up to be raped…he was offering them up to prevent men who were raping to stop raping when they had submissive wives willing to give them sex without the men resorting to sinful behavior.

    Muslims demand always that the context be known in every instance or action in the Quran…that was an easy one. A little reading goes a long way

  26. oops…hit submit before I was done…

    A little reading of history goes a long way in putting things into perspective. Women have always been seen as the submissive sex….and Muslim women are meant to submit sexually…Lot was offering up his submissive daughters to cool the jets of these sexually rampaging men.

    Lot was trying to do his job as a diplomat…his daughters were the commodity he bartered with…it was business as usual where women are concerned.

  27. Wow. OK. So we have gotten to the point of implying that our prophets were ‘pimps’ who gave away their ‘submissive’ daughters to be raped by these “sexually rampaging men.” May Allah forgive us and guide us. Amiin!

    Dear sister, your feminist bias is thoroughly apparent, I hope you learn how to see Islam/history more objectively!

  28. Nida…thanks for glossing over my entire comment….I wasnt implying that the prophet was “pimping” his daughter…how nice of you to go there.

    I said…simple english now….he was offering his daughters in MARRIAGE…the same as any father in that culture would and still does. Marriage is halal..the sex engaged in while married is halal…he was offering his daughters in marriage so these men would calm down and mend their ways and get back on the straight path and have sex with women who would give it willingly…rather than be out raping and rampaging.

    That wasnt a hard concept to wrap your head around…I have no idea why you went straight for the worst possible scenario.

    I hope YOU learn how to read objectively. Period.

  29. Wow. The author of this blog would like us to discuss this topic with civility. Let’s respect that.
    Bahool said:

    ”So according to your logic, those Sahabas were misguided? The Prophets hadiths, were all false?”

    Well, you can certianly argue that there are some hadiths that are highly suspect. The methodology of hadith compilign and varification was indeed miticulous. However, there are a number of hadiths, particularily regarding women, that have been cogently argued against. I see this commentor cited Abu Bakr. Well, Bakr was a known misogynist (which says a lot given the place and time) and he reigned as a particularily brutal Caliph. It should not be blasphemy to simply question and critique contenious issues vis a vis religion.

    • Dekster
      This may be a bit off topic but why do you say that Abu Bakr (RA) was nauzobillah a misogynist and reigned as a brutal caliph ? Can you cite specific instances to support your stand ?
      The sahabah were much better than us and we should not disrepect them

  30. I am very well aware of what you said Coolred38, but the implication is that if these men were ‘raping’ other men, and the prophet Lut (aleyhi salam) was ‘offering’ his daughters (the women of his tribe) (according to you) to submit to these rapists as a “vessel” to relieve sexual tensions… then that must somehow have made it ok to rape ‘women’ but not men?

    Obviously he was not talking about rape – but consensual intercourse. That marrying the women of the prophet’s tribe and engaging in these relations with them would be more appropriate then what they have been doing.

    I read critically, Coolred38, and that is something we all ought to be doing with these types of ‘scholarly’ articles.

    With Peace!

  31. I am shia, i am no fan of Abu Bakr, but when both shia Imams and Sunni Caliphs and sahaba had the same view on this defiants, then there is no discussion about that islam views them as criminals against Allahs laws.

  32. There is always room for discussion…the fact that you say there isn’t is a widely held view among too many muslims. Nothing is for certain except death.

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