Proud to be Egyptian!

MUBARAK IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

How awesome is that guys?! Egyptians managed to peacefully get rid of one of the worst dictators in the world! It took 18 days of peaceful protests, combined with civil disobedience, to end the 30-year reign of Hosni Mubarak and co.  Turns out that he might be one of the richest men in the world, with an estimated fortune of $70 billion. Say what?! 70 BILLION DOLLARS???!!!!

A lot of things are coming out now, about the corruption, torture, killing and just general badness that has been happening in Egypt during Mubarak’s reign.  Of course, we still have a long way to go before we reach our full potential.  But getting rid of Grandpa Hosni was definitely a good starting point.

Now that the celebrating has died down, people have started focusing on the fact that Egypt is now a military dictatorship – hmmm, doesn’t sound so good either.  But still, the army must know by now that if they don’t do what they said they would (elections, amend constitution, get rid of emergency law) then millions will go back to the streets.  I find the relationship between Egyptians and the military so interesting: they LOVE the military. Many Egyptians don’t seem worried or even skeptical about the promises the military has made.  Personally I won’t believe it till I see it, simply because the military is Egypt’s powerhouse and so it is impossible that it hasn’t been involved in the corruption and torture of Mubarak’s regime.  On the other hand, maybe it is not in the military’s interest to remain in power, but rather to maintain its image as a strong, independent, neutral force in Egypt.

Whatever happens to Egypt now, no one can take away the fact that this Revolution has inspired millions across the world.  It was just amazing how short, powerful and peaceful it was.  And even more amazing is the fact that so many Egyptians went out after Mubarak left to CLEAN! Who would ever have thought the day would come when we’d see Egyptians cleaning the streets? But as some of the protesters said, they now feel like Egypt belongs to them, and not to Mubarak anymore.


3 thoughts on “Proud to be Egyptian!

  1. Events in Egypt confirm the recent movement in the Arab world away from belief in a theocratic Islamic state, according to Olivier Roy, an authority on political Islam. His most recent book on the subject – the ground-breaking “Holy Ignorance: When Culture and Religion Part Ways” – is available in English from the Columbia University Press.

    In a just-published article, he offers a magisterial analysis of developments in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and also a larger view of the real political forces at work in the contemporary Arab and Muslim societies in the Middle East emerging without ties to jihadism or admiration for repressive Islamist regimes such as Iran and Salafism, the fundamentalist version of Islam derived Wahabism and present in radical movements in Arab countries.

    His perceptive insights capturing the trends at work in Egypt (and elsewhere) in a new generation of Arabs appeared in Le Monde newspaper in an article translated here by Georgio Comninos of the European Institute …….

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