I’m sorry I haven’t been updating this blog very regularly 😦 The main reason is that the things I’ve been reading about lately fit more into the theme of other blog. Another reason is that I’ve been thinking a lot about religion in general, but I need time to process all of these thoughts before I can write them down. If anyone is interested in neo-colonialism, feminism, sexuality, politics, and other current issues then please check out my other blog 🙂

I promise I’ll be back soon!

I’m also looking for new blogs to read. I’d love it if you guys could post links to the blog you really enjoy/find interesting 🙂 Thanks and much love!!


One thought on “Sorry

  1. Salaam sis,

    I read your previous blog as well (on Rumi’s poetry). This is an amazing time, because you will come out even stronger than before. Be inspired by mystics and philosophers, but most of all seek within! Reach out to your inner self, dive into the ocean of knowledge to find the pearls of wisdom, while dwelling inside yourself in pursuit of finding that what you are seeking. May His Light Guide you during your journey!

    I wanted to share my blog with you ‘’. I hope it helps, even though I am not sure if this is what you are looking for.

    May God bless you

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