A sociologist interested in feminism, Islam, gender, Southern Africa, the Middle East, colonialism, post-colonialism, neo-colonialism, and anything else to do with colonialism.

Loves: tea, staring at cows, Swiss chocolate, talking about feminism, talking in general, going to the petting zoo.

I started this blog because I wanted to share my thoughts on Islam and gender, although sometimes I digress into other areas.  I love discussions so please post all of your thoughts!

Questions? Email me: salem.m.sara at gmail.com


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  1. Hello Sara!

    Wow, your interests mirror mine almost exactly! I, too, am interested in colonialism, sub Saharan Africa and Islamic feminism! One difference – I study history. lol

    I read that you’re writing an article on female prayer leaders. I, too, have written on the subject:


    But I’d love to hear what you have to say too! Send it over!


    • Hi!

      Wow, thank you for the link! I can’t wait to read it!

      I’m currently writing my MA thesis on the subject, as soon as I’m done I will email you a copy. Send me your email!

  2. Wow, such promtness. lol If you’re writing your MA on it, then I’m sure you have Judith Tucker in your preliminary bibliography. She’s who I largely sourced.

    I’m just finishing my undergrad, so I’m apply to MA programs too…I just can’t figure out a thesis proposal. Ugh. Right now I’m thinking of Islamic jurisprudence in colonial Somaliland. Inshallah all will work out.

    My email is Deika.Mohamed@gmail.com. Can’t wait to read your stuff. Will be stalking your blog. lol

    ciao ciao

    • Yes, I am mixed. But where I grew up (Zambia) had the biggest impact on me and I’ve come to believe that the west is largely (if not wholly) responsible for the state the rest of the “developing” world is in today.

      Moreover, I don’t feel Dutch nor Egyptian. I enjoyed living in Egypt more than Holland but that is because the country and people are different and I got along with them better. Besides, coming to Holland as a Muslim isn’t an easy thing, and has made it extra hard to relate to Dutch people.

      So no, I don’t “reject my European half.” But I don’t really identify with it and I’m also very critical of Europe in general, especially in terms of politics. When I lived in Egypt I didn’t identify much with it either and was quite critical of it as well.

  3. I have been reading your blog for almost a year now. I really love the way you approach life and the way and the way you reflect about gender, colonialism, globalisation. I will start to comment on the post, as I feel the discussion is an important part of this blog. But first I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring my mind continuosly. 🙂

  4. Hi Sara,

    I just typed ‘sufis amsterdam’ into google and your blog came up! I have only skimmed your blog but even if youre not a sufi, you seem to be the kind of lady I would like to meet if im in amsterdam…

    im hoping to move there in september to start a post-grad in classical double bass. im a british sufi muslim (parents are converts) and would like to find some kind of a muslim/spiritual community once i am in amsterdam. can you recommend anything and/or are you part of something along those lines yourself??

    all very vague i know, but not sure how much detail to go into in the initial message!!

    hope youre well – im about to start reading your blog in detail…

    Zaynab x x

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  6. Hi! Interesting blog. I found it by accident. I’ve always been more or less agnostic but recently stumbled upon Idries Shah’s book “The Sufiis” and have been very deeply impacted by it. I’ve been doing volunteer work in Mansa, Luapula (near the DRC border-Im from the US) for the past two years but since I’m in Lusaka for a week and there is a fair Muslim presense here I figured I’d google “Lusaka Sufis” and this is what came up! Anyway, I’m really interested in finding a Sufi school/teacher and I’m just wondering if you yourself study as a Sufi and if you have any advice on the different orders or finding a school. I’m also curious on how you think of the relationship between Sufi-ism and Islam. Some come out and say straight up “Sufi-ism is part of Islam” but in Shah’s book he says things like “Sufi-ism predates Islam” and “Sufi-ism is the heart of ALL religions” and “All religions are right”. He also points to ancient historical accounts of “Christian sufis”. Penny for your thoughts.

    • Hi Matt!
      Sorry for the late response.

      I have not read Shah’s book, but I’ll definitely try and find it now 🙂

      I recommend Martin Lings’ work on Sufism. He argues very strongly that there is no Sufism without Islam. When I hear people trying to argue that Sufism is separate from Islam, it often strikes me as a form of apologism – they don’t want to be associated with something seen as negative (Islam) so they distance Sufism from it. This seems quite difficult since much of Sufism is intricately related to Islam. At the same time, there is little doubt that there are strong influencies on Sufism from pre-Islamic spirituality as well as Christian spirituality. But would still argue that Sufism and Islam are very closely related, and agree with Lings that there would be no Sufism without its basis in Islam.

      What are your thoughts?

  7. Islam, Colonialism and Gender. God, why aren’t there more people interested in this sort of thing? Fascinating blog, shame there’s been no posts on it in ages.

  8. Islam, Colonialism and Gender. God, why aren’t there more people interested in this sort of thing? Fascinating blog, shame there’s been no posts on it in ages.

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